New Product: CCX Technologies Delivers Improved Wireless Capabilities to the SystemX Appliance

CCX Technologies is proud to announce the release of the new AP-251 Appliance. 

Easy-to-install on an assortment of modern or legacy platforms in the air, on land, or at sea, the AP-251 can simultaneously serve as a cybersecurity solution, a cabin router, and an applications server. 

This device builds on its predecessor, the AP-250, and includes an additional two Ethernet ports, as well as two Dual-Band 802.11ax WiFi 6 Radios and a 5G Cellular Modem for faster, more reliable Internet connectivity. 

As a cybersecurity appliance, the AP-251 is embedded with the SystemX software, which includes, amongst other features, a databus Intrusion Detection System (IDS). As the AP-251 securely logs platform data, the IDS will monitor this information for anomalies indicative of either a cyber event or equipment fault. It will then send out real-time, detailed alerts to designated personnel to begin developing a mitigation plan.

As a cabin router and applications server, the AP-251 can also manage network connection onboard a platform, switching between sources to optimize speed and reliability. It also acts as a container for third party applications, and can seamlessly and securely transfer platform data to them.

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