AP-561 Micro-WAP (Wireless Access Point)

The AP-561 Micro-WAP is a small wireless access point that provides Wi-Fi connectivity to passengers and equipment onboard an aircraft.

The size and weight of the Micro-WAP, alongside the minimal wiring required, facilitates a large number of installation options. Within its small form factor, the Micro-WAP contains a Gigabit Ethernet interface, an 802.11ac Wi-Fi Radio, an integrated antenna, and 120 GB of local storage.

For additional network security, the Micro-WAP uses Secure Booth and encrypted-data-at-rest to ensure that no third-party can interfere or gain access to the information being transmitted across the network.


  • Secure boot and encrypted data-at-rest
  • a Giga-Bit Ethernet Interface
  • an 802.11ac Wi-Fi Radio with integrated Antenna
  • 120GB of local storage
  • A WiFi Disable Discrete Input
  • 1x Programmable Discrete Input
  • 1x Programmable Discrete Output
  • DO-160 including lightning testing