IK-201 Multi-Band LTE Antenna

The CCX IK-201 is a wide-band (700 to 5200 MHz) small form factor 2×2 LTE and GNSS antenna intended for installation within the cabin of an aircraft.

The IK-201 includes a D-Sub-based multi-coax connector, two radiating elements, and matching networks to support 50 ohm cabling.

The antenna is specifically designed to support the LTE Radios in the CCX Technologies AP-150 and AP-250.


  • Supports the 700MHz to 5200MHz band, covering all 4G LTE frequencies
  • D-Sub Coax Inserts for easy and robust installation
  • Radiating pattern optimized for use in an aircraft cabin
  • Small size, 2.25″ x 4.25″ x 0.60″
  • DO-160

Designed and Certified for

  • Business aviation
  • Military / government aircraft
  • VVIP & special mission aircraft
  • Commercial aviation