Secure Data Feed for EFB Software

SystemX can be used as a secure data source for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software running on any WiFi or Ethernet connected device.

Raw data can be collected and forwarded in real-time to EFB software from any avionics bus with a CCX Technologies DataPHY, over WiFi or through a Gigabit Ethernet Interface. This data can be formatted as json or syslog, and encrypted using mutual TLS. Mutual TLS provides authorization and authentication so only EFB software with pre registered keys can access the data streams.

Decoded data can be also be streamed from a SystemX Appliance (AP-150, AP-250, etc.), which collects raw data from one or more DataPHYs and decodes it. The same encrypted and authenticated streams that can be used to collect raw data from a DataPHY can be used to collect decoded data from an Appliance.

A SystemX Appliance can also securely stream avionics data from external sources, like ADS-B and turbulence data network source.

All databus types that have a corresponding DataPHY can be collected; ARINC-429, ARINC-717, ARINC-664, AFDX, MIL-1553, analog / audio, and Ethernet.

Key Features

  • Secure real-time avionics data sources
  • Access to archived and historical data
  • Supports WiFi Access Point and Client Modes
  • Network filters and advanced cybersecurity tools ensure secure system access