AP-570 Data Loader DataPHY

The CCX Technologies family of DataPHY devices can be used to provide an interface between avionics equipment and SystemX software and appliances in a highly secure manner, or can operate stand-alone, providing localized features and services.

Each DataPHY contains a Gigabit Ethernet Interface and an 802.11ac WiFi Radio with an integrated antenna. The DataPHY can communicate with another SystemX device, like the AP-250 over Ethernet or WiFi interfaces, utilizing an encrypted link.

Each DataPHY also provides a secure configuration and control GUI that can be accessed directly by an operator or technician using a standard browser.

The size and weight of the DataPHY, and the minimal wiring required facilitates a large number of installation options.

The Data Loader DataPHY provides a means to load avionics equipment using ARINC-615, ARINC-429, or ARINC-664 standards from software upgrade files stored on a SystemX Appliance or Server, or directly loaded through the configuration GUI.

The Data Loader DataPHY also provides tools that can be used to verify software signatures, encrypt software loads, and also includes a complete PKI system that can be used to load, verify, and rotate keys.


  • Secure boot and encrypted data-at-rest
  • ARINC-615 Data Loader Support
  • Data Loading via ARINC-664
  • PKI System
  • a Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • an 802.11ac WiFi Radio with integrated Antenna
  • 120GB of local storage
  • a WiFi Disable Discrete Input
  • 1x Programmable Discrete Input
  • 1x Programmable Discrete Output
  • DO-160 including lighting testing