IK-350 4MCU ARINC-600 Adapter

The IK-350 4MCU ARINC-429 Adapter makes it possible to install up to 4 AP-250/150s or up to 8 DataPHYs in an ARINC-600 4MCU slot.

Units can be mixed and matched depending on the application. The internal wiring harness and ARINC-600 connector are completely customizable, making it possible to adapt them to existing pin-outs for zero-rewire upgrades and replacements.

Key Features

  • Designed to install the CCX Technologies flange mount LRU’s into an ARINC-600 form factor
  • Supports mixing and matching up to 4 AP-250 form factor devices and up to 8 DataPHY form factor devices
  • Fully customizable, can be adapted to existing pin-outs