AP-601 Air Mobility Flight Controller Platform

Most air mobility airframes have unique flight dynamics when compared to conventional aircraft. As a result, utilizing standard avionics packages on an air mobility airframe can require expensive customization. The AP-601 Flight Controller Platform provides all of the sensors, interfaces, and processing power needed for an air mobility OEM to write and deploy their custom flight control software.

With our AP-601’s open platform, OEMs are equipped to create their own complete custom flight controller. CCX Technologies also offers design services to assist with your customization needs.

Key Features

  • Compact and powerful
  • Secure boot support
  • Versatile installation options
  • 2x NXP i.MX RT Processors
  • Tripple Redundant 9V-28V DC Power Input
  • 3x Dual-Redundant CAN Bus Interfaces
  • 2x None-Redundant CAN Bus Interfaces
  • 3x 100/10 Base-T Ethernet Interfaces
  • 4x UART Interfaces
  • An RTD Temperature Sensor Input
  • 1/8″ Threaded Fittings for Static and Pitot Inputs
  • 2x ARINC-429 Inputs, 1x ARINC-429 Output
  • 6x Discrete Outputs
  • 10x Discrete Inputs
  • A vibration isolated, thermally controlled integrated sensor suit including:
    • Triple Redundant Accelerometers
    • Triple Redundant Magnetometers
    • Triple Redundant Gyros
  • Integrated hardware features for continuous BITE
  • Fanless cooling (natural convection)

Designed for

  • Urban Air Mobility
  • UAVs
  • Military