Cyber Protection Services

Virtual SOC-as-a-Service

The Virtual SOC-as-a-Service team is made up of experts who perform live event monitoring during special missions and critical operations, reporting any detected anomalies to designated personnel. This team is also able to assist in the design of custom rulesets and algorithms tailored to mission specific requirements.

Cyber Managed Services

The Cyber Managed Services team expands on the capabilities of the Virtual SOC-as-a-Service, and will take the insights generated from these alerts and help design a plan to mitigate the impacts of any detected cyber threats. This service also offers post-mission cyber event analytics and forensics to improve the perpetual cybersecurity posture of your platforms.

Key Capabilities

  • Virtual or on-premise support
  • Live event monitoring during special missions and critical operations
  • Post-mission cyber event analytics, forensics, and mitigation strategies
  • Mission focused use-cases, monitoring rulesets, and algorithms
  • Support with ruleset and algorithm development
  • Hosted or delivered ground server for cyber event and data aggregation across platforms and infrastructure
  • Detection optimization through deterministic approach with low false positive rates