AP-551 Audio DataPHY

The CCX Technologies family of DataPHY devices makes it possible to collect data from avionics equipment and feed that data into the SystemX system in a highly secure manner.

Each DataPHY contains a Giga-Bit Ethernet Interface and an 802.11ac WiFi Radio with an integrated antenna. The DataPHY will send captured data using either the Ethernet or WiFi interface to another SystemX device, like the AP-250 over an encrypted link.

The size and weight of the DataPHY, and the minimal wiring required, facilitates a large number of installation options.

The Audio DataPHY also interfaces to the PBX running on a SystemX Appliance (like an AP-250 or 150). In addition, the Audio DataPHY can make and receive local or outgoing calls through the cockpit audio panel and a POTS handset.


  • Secure boot and encrypted data-at-rest
  • 1x 4-Wire Audio Interface
  • 1x FXS Audio Interface
  • a Giga-Bit Ethernet Interface
  • an 802.11ac WiFi Radio with integrated Antenna
  • 120GB of local storage
    • can be used to store months of flight data when links are down
    • can be used as an archive for incidence investigations
    • can be used as a stand-alone unit to collect flight data
  • A WiFi Disable Discrete Input
  • 1x Programmable Discrete Input
  • 1x Programmable Discrete Output
  • DO-160 including lighting testing