About CCX Technologies

We design and develop a wide range of cybersecurity and testing solutions for the aviation, and military and government markets.

We’ve developed cybersecurity software and hardware platforms that help avionics manufacturers defend and protect an aircraft’s onboard network. These platforms can also be used to safeguard the networks of military air, land and sea vehicles.

We design and manufacture a line of avionics radio and pulse test tablets used by aircraft maintainers; they streamline the testing process, saving maintenance shops time and money.

We design and build custom avionics testbeds, simulators, and development kits for lab environments to support on-ground demonstrators, avionics simulators, and integration configuration testing.

We’re headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and we’re growing rapidly, providing systems and services to private and public organizations around the world.

Leadership Team

Chris Bartlett – President

An entrepreneur at heart, Chris Bartlett is enthusiastic about building creative business strategies. Following senior roles in the automotive, electronics, green energy and aviation industries, he co-founded the company to address the critical need for improving the safety and security of onboard air, land and sea networks.

With more than 20 years of experience in business operations, product management, and business development, Chris has driven the company’s exponential growth.

Charles Eidsness – Chief Engineer

Co-founder and Chief Engineer at CCX Technologies, Charles Eidsness is responsible for directing and overseeing the design and development of the company’s portfolio of products.

With more than 25 years of experience, he has held senior roles in the telecom, defence, and aerospace industries. This extensive experience coupled with an innovative approach to technology development led Charles to develop the company’s flagship cybersecurity platform, SystemX. 

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