T-RX Testimonials

As an Owner/Accountable Manager of a 145 repair station, I have to trust the equipment that is used in the shop. This equipment has to meet high calibration standards and yet be rugged. For me, the CCX T-RX RP+ tester meets these requirements. It meets and exceeds our expectations in all ways. Easy to use CHECK, Accurate CHECK, Gives me all the information need to complete the 145 Repair Station sign offs, CHECK. Great piece of equipment all the way around.

P. Douglas Keck
A&P IA, Pilot, Accountable Manager
Ideal Aviation
The T-RX RP+ in action

Having been in the avionics retrofit business for over thirty years I can say without reservation that the CCX T-RX is the most sophisticated yet easiest to use piece of test equipment when it comes to multi-function systems. The capabilities far out way any other multi-function tesxt box on the market. and, in. fact Idon’t know any rivals with this level of sophistication, capability and ease of use.

For FAA 145 Repair Stations the T-RX meets our needs. The customer service and support has been outstanding. CCX’s commitment to provide enhancements and additonal capabilities clearly positions CCX to be the leader in the test equipment field for our industry segment.

John Dendekker
President and General Manager
NextGen Aviation