At CCX Technologies, we design and develop a wide range of solutions for the avionics, defense and industrial network markets. We help avionics OEMs secure and defend the airborne network and our line of avionics radio test products streamlines the testing process.

Our proprietary SystemX Software Platform provides cyber defense and cyber security to the airborne network through a suite of secure networking features which include configuration and control, remote monitoring, and data collection. SystemX provides secure networking features to remote appliances and controlling servers including an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) designed for a variety of networking protocols.

We also provide engineering services, cyber security audits, IDS ruleset subscriptions, reverse engineering, and we host an onsite cyber security test lab.

Our T-RX Avionics Radio and Pulse Tester family of products are standalone, easy to use tablets that save maintainers and installers time and effort. Available for purchase online, T-RX is a leap forward in avionics radio testing, designed for today’s modern MRO shop.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, we’re growing, and providing systems and services to private and public organizations around the world.

Products & Services

CCX Technologies offers a range of products and services to aircraft maintainers and avionics OEMS. SystemX is our cyber defense and security product line, while T-RX is our new avionics radio tester.

News & Events

9 September 2019

CCX Technologies Introduces AP-250 Inline Cyber Security Appliance Development Kit

AP-250 development kit allows defence contractors to configure, test and adjust
cyber security systems in their own targeted environment


9-13 September 2019

We are attending DSEI UK through CADSI's Walker Program!

We will be in the United Kingdom early this September and will be a presence at the Canadian Pavilion through CADSI's Walker Program.
Look for us there and your chance to talk about our AP-250 Inline Cyber Security Appliance!


9-10 September 2019

We are exhibiting at AEA Canada Connect!

We will be exhibiting at AEA Canada Connect Conference in Toronto, Canada to show our brand new T-RX™ Avionicss Radio & Pulse Tester.
We will also be hosting a training session from 1-2pm on September 9th. See you there!


9-11 July 2019

CCX Technologies Introduces AP-250 Inline Cyber Security Appliance

Compact and capable, the AP-250 is designed to strengthen an aircrafts cyber security posture

We are exhibiting at CBAA 2019 in Calgary, Alberta!

We will be showcasing our T-RX Avionics Radio and Pulse Tester that we launched at AEA earlier this year + much more!
Visit us at booth 401!


29-30 May 2019

New Onboard Cyber Defence & Security Platform, SystemX Offers Unique Capabilities

SystemX resides directly on air, land and sea vehicles
to protect the onboard network and the devices to which they connect

We are exhibiting at CANSEC 2019 in Ottawa, Canada!

We will be showcasing our SystemX Software at booth A2 in the Innovation Hub


25 March 2019

CCX Technologies Introduces T-RX Avionics Radio and Pulse Tester

New, modern touchscreen tablet streamlines testing, saving time and money

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