Avionics Testing Redifined.

T-RX Avionics Radio & Pulse Tester

Streamline your avionics radio testing process with CCX Technologies’ T-RX™ Avionics Radio and Pulse Testers       (T-RX). A giant leap forward, our portable tablets feature large, sunlight-readable color touch screens. And the easy-to-use, intuitive interface helps save time and money.

T-RX tablets are built for the demanding test requirements of today’s modern maintainers and technicians. They are available online and ready for the future, since you can easily install additional optional test functions when you need them, and more as new radios emerge.

In the near future, T-RX testers will also integrate seamlessly into your avionics radio testing process. Data collected during testing will be stored on a secure server and can be identified by aircraft tail number, work order, and technician. This will allow you to easily retrieve the data as a report and incorporate it right into customer work orders. Another great feature we’re developing is advanced data-collection. This will allow maintenance organizations like yours to retrieve stored test data via an API (Application Programming Interface) for integration directly into your shop’s electronic work order system. Plus, the automated field population capability will help save time and improve reporting accuracy.

T-RX has an optional accessory kit which includes a rugged case, a rechargeable battery and charger, external antenna, and a carry handle.

The Hardware Variants

T-RX avionics tester

T-RX Radio

Test VOR, ILS & More!

T-RX avionics tester

T-RX Pulse

Test Transponder Mode A/C,
ADS-B 1090 & More!

T-RX avionics tester


Testing capabilities from Radio & Pulse + ARINC 429 & More!

Authorized Distributors

Avant Aerospace
Exclusive distributor for
South America and Mexico

test it all

Test 16 different systems and conduct more than 100 different tests

Take it anywhere

Rugged, portable tablet

Modern Tablet

10.4" (26.4 cm) sunlight-readable color touch screen

Save time & Money

Using the T-RX Tester will save you on average 3 hours compared to our competition

Easy to use

Intuitive user interface

Additional Tests

Easily supports the addition of optional test functions

Test Capabilities

T-RX Add-Ons

Compliment your T-RX™ package with these additional purchasable add-on items.

Calibration Services

The T-RX™ Annual Calibration Service ensures your T-RX™ Tester meets regulatory calibration requirements. T-RX™ is returned to CCX Technologies Annually for this Service.

Accessory Kit

The T-RX™ Accessory Kit includes a rugged case, an external battery charger, one (1) battery, an external antenna and cable.

Extended Warranty

The T-RX™ Extended Warranty covers parts (with the exception of the battery) and all repairs for an additional two (2) years


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