Monitor and protect onboard networks from unauthorized access and disruption to critical data.

Operating Environments:

+  VVIP & Special Mission
+  Commercial Aviation
+  Business Aviation
+  General Aviation


Defend and protect critical data, systems and networks onboard your aircraft. SystemX™ Aviation is a cyber defence and security Software Platform that guards onboard aircraft networks and improves an aircraft’s cybersecurity posture. A flexible solution, SystemX Aviation can be integrated directly on hardware, or in the cloud.

You implement the system through our AP-250 Inline Cybersecurity Appliance (AP-250) and our SystemX Secure Server. It’s designed to operate over bandwidth- and latency- restrictive communications links such as satellite, and terrestrial radio. SystemX Aviation provides data monitoring and collection, configuration via remote access, and advanced firewall capabilities.

Powering the AP-250, and the SystemX Secure Server, the software can run on a variety of platforms. The SystemX™ source code is available for licensing, along with a fully automated test system, so that third-parties can add their own custom applications on top of the existing platform.

Key Features

SystemX Cybersecurity Appliance
The SystemX Software Platform is a suite of cyber defence and security software applications that is compatible with most networked avionics equipment and provides:

+ A secure tunnel between appliances and server
+ Modern browser-based configuration GUI
+ Ethernet- and WiFi-based network monitoring
+ Key manager and secure API
+ Advanced Firewall
+ Advanced IDS and IPS (Network Intrusion and Prevention Detection Systems)
+ Push Alerts and Rulesets
+ Quality of Service (QoS) tag support
+ Secure upgrade, configuration, and logging facilities
+ Optional additional software modules available
+ Customizable and SOC (Security Operations Center) friendly.
+ Will support ARINC 429/717, CAN Bus, MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 664 AFDX

AP-250 Inline Cybersecurity Appliance
A small, standalone device, the AP-250 Inline Cybersecurity Appliance (AP-250) helps defend and protect the onboard networks of air, land and sea vehicles:

+ Lightweight, compact and powerful
+ Simple interface to Satcom terminals and routers
+ Advanced network IDS & IPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention System)
+ Active data monitoring
+ Security event database
+ Vulnerability network scanner
+ Support for third-party SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
+ Enhance ability to achieve Aviation Authority Cybersecurity Guidelines (FAA, EASA, CAA & MOTC)
+ Will support ARINC 429/717, CAN Bus, MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 664 AFDX

CCX Technologies offers a unique range of services, including:
+ Secure Airtime
+ Rulesets specifically geared to aviation requirements
+ Security Operations Center
+ Remote technical support
+ Remote real-time configurable alerts for rapid response
+ Cybersecurity Evaluation Lab

Network IDS

Ability to perform real-time traffic analysis and packet login on Internet Protocol (IP) networks using alert caches, Snort rules, Snort rulesets.

Avionics IDS

CCX Falcon Avionics Databus custom algorithms and IDS with alerting to designated individuals, crew members, pilots and staff as deemed necessary by user. We provide a set of algorithms as a service to meet customer needs, missions or requests that actively monitor your system. Additionally, users can add, write and test their own algorithms.


Monitor local text-based logs and monitor logs sent from other equipment on the aircraft network.

Network Monitoring

Monitors IP traffic such as DHCP, connections and DNS. Ability to see all DHCP traffic stored into the database.

Vulnerability Scanner

Runs custom scripts for known vulnerabilities, sends traffic based on predefined scripts with flags and suspect configurations on the aircraft network.

Routing & Local Firewall

SystemX features two firewalls; a local firewall for open and close ports on the system, and a routing firewall that connects two interfaces using a set of filters or rules. This allows traffic to connect between any interface (hardware or virtual) to provide routes ie. local LAN to terminal

The SystemX™ Aviation Ecosystem


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