Monitor and protect all onboard networks from unauthorized access and disruption due to Cybersecurity events.

Defend and protect critical data, systems, and networks onboard your aircraft. SystemX Aviation is a cyber defence and security software platform that protects onboard aircraft networks and improves an aircraft’s cybersecurity posture. A flexible solution, SystemX Aviation can be integrated directly on CCX Technologies hardware, in the cloud, or on dedicated 3rd party servers.

Typically the system includes our AP-250 Cybersecurity Appliance, our SystemX Secure Server, and a set of DataPHYs to collect data from the network. It’s designed to operate over bandwidth- and latency- restrictive communications links such as satellite and terrestrial radio. In addition, SystemX Aviation provides data monitoring and collection, configuration via remote access, and advanced firewall capabilities.

Powering the AP-250, the Secure Server, and the DataPHYs, the SystemX software can run on various platforms. In addition, the software is available for licensing, along with a development system so that third parties can add their own custom applications on top of the existing platform or running in secure containers.

Key Features

The SystemX Software Platform is a suite of cyber defence and security software applications that is compatible with most networked avionics equipment and provides:

  • A secure tunnel between appliances and server
  • Modern browser-based configuration GUI
  • Ethernet- and WiFi-based network monitoring
  • Key manager and secure API
  • Advanced Firewall
  • Advanced IDS and IPS (Network Intrusion and Prevention Detection Systems)
  • A complete Avionics Intrusion Detection System for Avionics Data, including ARINC 429/717, CAN Bus, MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 664 AFDX (requires additional DataPHY hardware)
  • Push Alerts and Rule-sets
  • Quality of Service (QoS) tag support
  • Secure upgrade, configuration, and logging facilities
  • Optional additional software modules available
  • Customizable and SOC (Security Operations Center) friendly.

Operating Environments

  • VVIP & Special Mission Aircraft
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Business Aviation
  • General Aviation

AP-250 Cybersecurity Appliance

A small, standalone device, the AP-250 Cybersecurity Appliance helps defend and protect the onboard networks of air, land and sea vehicles:

  • Lightweight, compact and powerful
  • Simple interface to Satcom terminals and routers
  • Advanced network IDS & IPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention System)
  • Active data monitoring
  • Security event database
  • Vulnerability network scanner
  • Support for third-party SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
  • Enhance ability to achieve Aviation Authority Cybersecurity Guidelines (FAA, EASA, CAA & MOTC)


CCX Technologies offers a unique range of accompanying services, including:

  • A comprehensive, secure airtime package (Swift Broad-Band, Iridium, JX, LTE, etc.)
  • Rule-sets specifically geared to aviation requirements
  • Security Operations Center
  • Remote technical support
  • Remote real-time configurable alerts for rapid response
  • Cybersecurity Evaluation Lab