New Onboard Cyber Defence & Security Platform, SystemX Offers Unique Capabilities

Developed by CCX Technologies, SystemX resides directly on air, land and sea vehicles to protect the onboard network and the devices to which they connect

CCX Technologies today unveiled its SystemX™ Onboard Cyber Defence & Security Platform for Military at CANSEC, Canada’s global defense and security trade show. In contrast to traditional solutions, the innovative software resides directly on networked systems to monitor the onboard network and third-party devices, straight from the aircraft’s location, providing alerts and automatic threat mitigation and defence.

“As concerns about and the number cyber-attacks on networked devices continues to rise, monitoring and understanding the security posture of your networked and distributed assets has never been more critical,” said Chris Bartlett, president of CCX Technologies. “We built SystemX with features unique in the cyber defence and security market. For example, we can monitor MIL-1553 data directly on the aircraft because the solution is installed right onboard. This means that networked devices are monitored with our tailored intrusion detection system from wherever the aircraft is—in flight or on the ground. In addition, it features Home Country Service—whereby communications from devices on the aircraft are encrypted and securely transmitted to the operations centre. These are key capabilities that help the military defend their cyberspace.”

More About SystemX

SystemX incorporates hardware, software and services into a complete cyber defence and security solution. The hardware components include CCX Technologies’ AP-150 Secure Wireless Gateway (AP-150) and the DataPHY™ Secure IOT Data Transmission Appliance (DataPHY). Initially avionics focused, these components can easily be implemented on military vehicles. The SystemX Software suite is compatible with most networked avionics equipment, providing a robust IDS (intrusion detection system), the latest cryptography, and advanced firewall capabilities, among others. Rounding out the solution are high-level services such as cybersecurity rules-sets tailored to military requirements, and remote real-time configurable alerts for rapid cyber defence response.

About CCX Technologies

At CCX Technologies we design and develop a wide range of solutions for avionics OEMs, and aircraft maintainers, including aircraft radio test, airborne networking solutions, and a suite of cyber defence and cybersecurity applications. Our T-RX™ product line streamlines onboard radio system testing, saving time and money. Leading avionics OEMs trust SystemX™, our innovative applications suite, to secure and defend their customer’s airborne networks. Based in Ottawa, Canada, we’ve grown exponentially in the last year. Visit to learn more.