CCX Technologies Introduces AP-250 Inline Cybersecurity Appliance

New Product to Enable Compliance with RTCA DO-326/ED202 Airworthiness Security Process Specification

CCX Technologies today unveiled its AP-250 Inline Cybersecurity Appliance (AP-250) at the CBAA (Canadian Business Aviation Association) Convention and Exhibition. With availability forecast in early 2020, this innovative device represents a new way of defending aircraft and avionics from threats leading to unauthorized access and disruption of electronic systems, interfaces and information. Installed directly on the aircraft, it monitors the onboard network, provides alerts and strengthens the aircraft’s cybersecurity posture.

“As aircraft systems become increasingly interconnected through the onboard network, new capabilities are emerging and along with them, new threats,” said Chris Bartlett, president of CCX Technologies. “Cyber security may once have focused on aeronautical communications systems, now it’s clear that the aircraft itself and electronic systems must address increasing and evolving cybersecurity threats. This is why we are developing the AP-250 Inline Cybersecurity Appliance. It uses technology from our SystemX™ Application Suite, and because it is installed directly on the aircraft, it monitors airborne networks right on board, defending and protecting all aircraft systems—from the flight deck to the cabin. We’ve designed the AP-250 to help aircraft operators meet the FAA and EASA RTCA Airworthiness Security Process Specification—RTCA DO-136/ED202, and other specifications as they are introduced.”

More About the AP-250 Inline Cybersecurity Appliance

Compact and capable, the AP-250 will be installed in-line with avionics and other networking devices, directly on the aircraft. It can be installed with or without a Satcom connection off the aircraft. Featuring Advanced IDS & IPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention System), log collection, monitoring and storage, the device also offers a simple interface to Satcom terminals and routers. Actively monitoring the onboard network, the AP-250 supports aeronautical system security and safety, through alerts. It helps address the emerging requirement for aircraft and equipment manufacturers to consider and prevent threats that can lead to unauthorized access and the disruption of electronic systems, interfaces and information. Enhanced functionality includes Dynamic Remote Ruleset updates, managed SOC (Security Operations Centre), remote Real-time Firewall and Policy-based routing updates, and remote technical support. MSRP is US$14,850.

About CCX Technologies

At CCX Technologies we design and develop a wide range of solutions for avionics OEMs, and aircraft maintainers, including aircraft radio test, airborne networking solutions, and a suite of cyber defence and cybersecurity applications. Our T-RX™ product line streamlines onboard radio system testing, saving time and money. Leading avionics OEMs trust SystemX™, our innovative applications suite, to secure and defend their customer’s airborne networks. Based in Ottawa, Canada, we’ve grown exponentially in the last year. Visit to learn more.