CCX Technologies Expands Cyber Security Product Line

Three new offerings provide comprehensive cyber security, safety and defence solutions for business aviation

CCX Technologies has expanded its cyber security product line to provide a comprehensive solution that delivers onboard network cyber security, safety and defence for business aviation. The solution, available with a choice of three offerings, is the first of its kind on the aviation market.

“We believe our new solution is the first to address inflight cyber security from directly onboard the aircraft,” said Chris Bartlett, president of CCX Technologies. “Until now, aircraft cyber security, if implemented at all, has been from the ground, making it difficult to know what’s really happening inflight. Protecting the network is not a ‘once-and-done’ activity, which is why we built this product line to perpetually monitor and defend the aircraft’s onboard network.  The three offerings, Secure, Route and Connect, use our AP-250, configured as aviation’s first cyber security-focused router, or as an inline appliance. Comprising cyber security and connectivity services, hardware, and technical support for both the cabin and flight deck, they give flight departments a comprehensive and customizable solution.”

Reliance on connectivity, mobile devices, and the constant stream of new vulnerabilities increases the number of threat vectors that ultimately lead to the onboard network being compromised. The ability to monitor both the cabin network and flight deck avionics including data buses like ARINC-429, amongst others, gives the flight department new visibility into the onboard network security. Implementing CCX’s Onboard Cybersecurity solution makes it easier to stay ahead of the compliance curve and achieve future aviation authority cyber security guidelines like RTCA DO-326 and ED-202. Proactively monitoring, detecting and acting on cyber threats, these new offerings will continually protect the business jet’s onboard network and passenger data as new vulnerabilities emerge.

“All of our offerings, Secure, Route and Connect, come with a choice of cyber security service plans,” Bartlett explained. “We understand flight departments will each have their own security needs which is why we will work with them to evaluate their risk level and help determine their best option. As a baseline, some of the features they all come with include an encrypted link to the ground, threat alerts to designated personnel, vulnerability scanner, access to our proprietary dashboard, and recurring updates to custom rulesets.”

More About CCX Technologies Onboard Cybersecurity Solution

Onboard Cybersecurity has three offerings to strengthen the cyber security posture onboard aircraft. Working with the security measures put in place by  network providers, it offers an additional, more robust defense-in-depth layer against cyberattacks. It supplies end-to-end encryption for both cabin and flight deck, regardless of connection type—SATCOM, ATG, Wi-Fi or LTE. Once implemented, powerful capabilities like dual advanced firewalls, threat monitoring, recurring ruleset updates, integrated intrusion detection and prevention systems, alerts to designated personnel, and customized integration with existing SIEM and SOCs help defend the onboard network. Secure helps establish the aircraft’s baseline cyber security posture. Route advances the aircraft’s posture and connectivity performance. Connect unifies aircraft connectivity and cyber security services.

About CCX Technologies

CCX Technologies makes the aircraft a safer environment by designing and developing innovative solutions for business, VIP, military, government, and commercial aviation markets. Our Onboard Cybersecurity solution proactively monitors, detects and acts on cyber threats onboard the aircraft. The T-RX, our avionics testing solution is an all-in-one radio and pulse tester that conducts over 100 tests on 16+ systems with only one device. Although a relatively young company, our solutions have proved themselves which is why we have gained trust with leading avionics OEMs and aircraft maintainers. CCX was founded by airborne connectivity experts and is based in Ottawa Canada. To learn more, visit