CCX Technologies demonstrates the T-RX Avionics Tester at Fox Valley Technical College

November 18, 2021, Appleton, Wisconsin. CCX Technologies demonstrates the latest avionics testing technology in the T-RX to students.

“At CCX Technologies we value our impact on the next generation of avionics technicians. As such, we’re excited to be demonstrating the T-RX RP+ to Fox Valley Technical College students and aviation professionals in the greater Appleton area. This is a great opportunity for students to connect with aviation experts and see an avionics tester built for the use of today” says Matt Bartolotta, Regional Director of Sales.

The T-RX is an innovative avionics tester. It conducts over 100 tests on 16 avionics systems, all from one device. Its ruggedized design and portability make it easier for technicians to perform tests in and around the aircraft.  The 10.4” color touch-screen provides for an incredibly easy user interface.

The T-RX product demonstration opened to local Wisconsin aviation professionals and aviation maintainers as well as Fox Valley Technical College Students. Attendees diversified their testing skills by learning something new and coming together as a community.

CCX Technologies’ T-RX Avionics Tester was showcased at Fox Valley Technical College on November 18, 2021

About CCX Technologies: 

CCX Technologies creates innovative engineering systems for a complicated world. CCX Technologies develops customizable solutions for business, VIP, military, government, and commercial markets. Our Onboard Cybersecurity systems monitor, detect and defend against cyber threats to onboard networks. The T-RX is an all-in-one avionics tester that conducts over 100 tests on 16 different systems with only one device. Our innovative and diverse product line is trusted by leading avionics OEMs and aircraft maintainers. CCX Technologies was founded in 2017 by onboard cybersecurity experts in Ottawa, Canada. To learn more about our products email us today at [email protected].