CCX Technologies celebrates National STEM Day

November 8th is National STEM Day!

CCX Technologies is proud to say Happy National STEM Day to all STEM students and our very own engineering department.

CCX Technologies employs software, hardware, mechanical, and systems engineers that address the critical need for onboard cybersecurity. We defend networks onboard vehicles in the air, on land, or at sea.

Systems Engineer working on NRE project in Engineering Lab

Canadian Engineering projects, Canadian Engineering Defence.

Sophie Walford, a Systems Engineer at CCX Technologies, weighed in on her role at the company. “My favorite parts of working as an engineer are being given opportunities to learn, seeing the products I work on in use, and interacting with people who work in many different roles. Each day spent working in STEM provides new problems to solve, from technological challenges to process planning to work with customers and suppliers.”

Our junior engineers work under Charles Eidsness, chief engineer at CCX Technologies. Charles has 25 years of experience in engineering in the avionics and telecommunications industries.

The engineering team has worked to develop CCX Technologies’ flagship cybersecurity platform, SystemX. The Onboard cybersecurity system is typically composed of hardware: the AP-250, dataPHYs, Wi-Fi, and LTE antennas.

About CCX Technologies: CCX Technologies designs and develops innovative products and custom engineered solutions for business, VIP, military, government, and commercial aviation markets. Our Onboard Cybersecurity solution proactively monitors, detects, and acts on cyber threats onboard the aircraft while providing our customers with actionable. The T-RX, our avionics testing solution, is an all-in-one radio and pulse tester that conducts over 100 tests on 16+ systems with only one device. Our innovative products have proved themselves, which is why leading avionics OEMs and aircraft maintainers trust us. Founded by airborne connectivity experts, CCX is based in Ottawa, Canada. To learn more, visit

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