SystemX Enterprise Platform Cybersecurity Software Now Available for Aerospace and Defence

CCX Technologies’ solution is easy to integrate into OEM development processes and improves the cyber security posture of air, land and sea platforms

Farnborough, UK – 19 July 2022 – CCX Technologies announced its new SystemX Enterprise Cybersecurity Software offering at the Farnborough International Air Show today. The solution will help prime aerospace and defence OEMs improve the cyber security posture of air land and sea vehicles, lowering development costs, reducing R&D cycles, and expediting the delivery of cybersecurity to these platforms.

SystemX Enterprise is the first cyber security product designed for direct integration into aviation, aerospace and defence platforms to protect their onboard networks from cyber threats. OEMs licensing the solution will get the power of CCX Technologies’ advanced and comprehensive cyber security capabilities, which will help expedite customers’ product development.

The solution includes a flexible, configurable suite of cyber defence and security software applications, maintenance and advanced integration support. Highly flexible, SystemX Enterprise can address numerous requirements specific to diverse vehicular platforms. CCX Technologies will fully support the integration and tailor the solution to an OEM’s own data systems and equipment, be it a new development or current deployed platform. OEMs will also have access to all of CCX Technologies platform cybersecurity hardware suite for integration into systems design as required.The company’s growing line of cyber security hardware is compatible with SystemX Enterprise, which facilitates even more rapid onboard platform cybersecurity system development.

SystemX at work, a screenshot of systemx software sending real-time alerts with GPS data and ARINC-429 data in the split screen. 

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An extension of the company’s trailblazing and proven SystemX platform, SystemX Enterprise supports multiple network types including ARINC-429, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 664 AFDX, and CAN Bus, GVA, NGVA (NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture) in development with more added as required.

CCX Technologies President Chris Bartlett said, “It’s evident that some platform security is currently being addressed using a mixture of software elements from diverse but disparate sources. This implementation strategy requires considerable integration time—not just with the developer’s product but also across those other components. SystemX Enterprise allows OEMs to integrate a comprehensive set of cyber security capabilities into their development processes and make them their own through customization. It helps streamline the addition of cyber security into their current and future product developments. 

Bartlett elaborated: “We anticipate equipping major aviation, and aerospace OEMs with SystemX to rapidly increase the number of secure aerospace and defence platforms, and CCX looks forward to that.”

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