Cybersecurity, A New Risk for Aviation

The aviation industry has focused on a traditional approach to installed equipment cybersecurity which is extensive analysis and testing to verify component integrity. This approach, implementing industry-defined procedures, checklists and best practices was used to define the standard for airborne network security, RTCA DO-326A. What we’re discovering is that this traditional approach doesn’t address the entire cybersecurity problem facing aviation. A new approach is needed.

Cybersecurity is a unique, and rapidly growing concern for the aviation industry. At the fundamental level of avionics and other equipment installed on aircraft it is increasingly clear that conventional approaches to cybersecurity are leaving these systems open to vulnerabilities, which could have disastrous effects. 

Want to know more about where traditional approaches to cybersecurity in aviation are lacking? Read our white paper.  It discusses the issues facing the aviation industry and proposes a new way forward.

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