T-RX Radio and Pulse Tester

Streamline your avionics radio testing with CCX Technologies’ T-RX™ Avionics Radio and Pulse Tester. A leap forward in avionics radio testing technology, the family of testers are tablets, with a large sunlight-readable color touch screens and an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Built for the test requirements of today’s modern maintainers and techs, T-RX is portable and future ready. Ideal for the modern avionics shop, it collects data during testing and stores that data on a secure server. The saved data can be identified by aircraft tail number, work order, and technician, and the tech can easily retrieve the data as a report to be incorporated in their customer work order. T-RX’s advanced data collection also allows maintenance organizations like yours, to retrieve stored test data via an API for incorporation directly in the user’s electronic work order systems—saving time by automatically populating specific fields.


T-RX comes in three variants:

+ T-RX Avionics Radio Tester

+ T-RX Pulse Radio Tester

+ T-RX RP+ Tester


Key Features:

+ Tests 16 different systems and conducts more than 100 different tests

+ Rugged, portable tablet

+ 10.4” (26.4 cm) sunlight-readable color touch screen

+ Intuitive user interface

+ Easily supports the addition of optional test functions

+ Extended battery life


T-RX is ideal for the most common radio and pulse testing requirements.

Future-ready, you can easily install additional optional test functions when you need them, and more as new radios emerge. T-RX has an optional accessory kit which includes a rugged case, a rechargeable battery and charger, external antenna, and a shoulder strap.



T-RX Launch at the New Product Introductions at AEA 2019


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