SystemX For Aviation - Cyber Defence and Security Platform

SystemX For Aviation

SystemXâ„¢ is a cyber defence and security software platform that provides secure networking features using remote appliances and a centralized server. The system is designed to operate over unique network interfaces; like satellite links, terrestrial radio links, and other bandwidth and latency restrictive channels.

The appliance software can run on a variety of different platforms, and is typically installed as a virtual machine (KVM, ESXi, VMWare, or VirtualBox) running on an existing Router, Server, Radio, or as a hardware appliance provided by CCX Technologies.

The server software can run in any data center, including popular cloud systems like the Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The system consists of a core module and optional add-on modules. The core module provides the following features:

+ a secure tunnel between appliances and the server

+ a Key Manager

+ a secure API

+ a multi-WAN selection algorithm with soft-failover

+ an Advanced Firewall

+ Policy Based Routing (PBR) with Quality of Service (QoS) tag support

+ secure upgrade, configuration, and logging facilities

+ a modern browser-based configuration GUI

Additional modules can be licensed from CCX Technologies, like the Enhanced Cyber Security Module.

The SystemX source code can be licensed, along with a fully automated test system so that third-parties can add their own custom applications on top of the existing platform.

The SystemX Aviation Ecosystem

The SystemX Security Module provides an advanced Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS) which includes the ability to transmit alerts from appliances to the server, and push ruleset updates from the server to appliances.

The IDS can monitor traffic on a traditional Ethernet and WiFi based networks and on a variety of avionics, defense, and industrial networks, including ARINC-429, ARINC-717, MIL-1553, AFDX, and CAN. Alerts are collected by the server and presented in a format that can be used by a Security Operations Centre (SOC) to gauge the severity of an alert. Network Security Professionals at the SOC can remotely update firewall and PBR rules in response to an ongoing security incident. Tickets can be opened and updated by SOC personnel on the server to communicate the status of security inquiries and actions to a subscriber.

Ruleset Subscription

To complement the SystemX IDS, CCX Technologies also offers a Ruleset subscriptions tailored to specific systems. A ruleset subscriber will receive ruleset updates as new security vulnerabilities are uncovered.

Cyber Security Test Lab

CCX Technologies provides test and security audit services for customer furnished avionics and defense equipment in our world-class Cyber Security Test Lab. Equipment is tested both in isolation and as a part of a representative network. CCX Technologies can perform complete, ongoing security audits on equipment installed in our lab and provide secure access to approved third-parties.

Contact Us [email protected] for more information on how you can add your equipment to our lab for testing.