Cyber security, safety and defence for business aviation

Now more than ever, business jet passengers, crew, and systems rely on inflight connectivity. This reliance drives new applications that make the experience better but also increases the risk of the onboard network being compromised. Since new cyber threats are discovered all the time, a multi-layered approach is your best defence.

We proactively monitor, detect and act on cyber threats to continually protect your aircraft’s onboard network and passenger data as new threats and vulnerabilities emerge.

for your needs

Every flight department is different. Whether you just need assistance in occasional ruleset updates or an entire security operations center, we’ll help you determine what is best for your operation.

Ahead of the curve
in compliance

We’re not the only ones concerned about your security. We make it easier to achieve future aviation authority cyber security guidelines including RTCA DO-326 and ED-202.


All systems are vulnerable to zero-days and new cyber threats are discovered all of the time. We help you prepare through active monitoring of your systems.

More than
just the cabin

The security of all data is important. Our solution monitors and protects both the cabin and the flight deck, including databuses like ARINC-429 and MIL-STD-1553.

Three offerings to strengthen the cyber security posture of your aircraft


Establish a baseline cyber security posture onboard your aircraft. Supported by the AP-250 as an inline appliance alongside your existing router.

Best for:

Flight departments that already have preferred routers installed onboard their aircraft but want a more robust cyber security solution


Advance your aircraft cyber security posture and connectivity performance. Supported by the AP-250 configured as a router.

Best for:

Flight departments that prioritize data security and
Wi-Fi performance versus other over-the-top services


Unify your aircraft connectivity and cyber security services. Supported by the AP-250 configured as a router.

Best for:

Flight departments that want a single provider for their cybersecurity and connectivity services and prioritize data security and Wi-Fi performance versus other over-the-top services

Connectivity services:
Inmarsat: SBB, SB-S
Iridium: Certus, datalink


Each offering comes with a choice of cyber security service plans designed specifically to fit your needs – only some features are listed below. Don’t worry, we’ll help you figure out the best fit for your operation.

✔ Encrypted link to the ground

✔ Dual advanced firewall

✔ Recurring ruleset updates

✔ Alerts to designated personnel

✔ Integrated IDS

✔ Real-time traffic analysis

✔ Proprietary dashboards

✔ Customized avionics IDS algorithms

✔ Threat monitoring

✔ Integration with SIEM and SOC


AP-250 cyber security focused appliance and router


The AP-250 actively monitors the aircraft’s onboard network to detect and prevent intrusions. It comes standard as an inline appliance but can be configured to be your primary router.

✔ Enhanced Wi-Fi performance

✔ Virtual technical support

✔ Connection agnostic

✔ Works alongside your existing router

Avionics DataPHY

The Avionics DataPHY uses an encrypted link to pass avionics data to the AP-250 for monitoring, generating alerts if system anomalies or cyber threats are detected.

✔ Small and lightweight

✔ Works with various databus types

✔ Enhanced situational awareness

We'll work with you to evaluate your risk level and needs to implement the best solution for you.