Cybersecurity Evaluation Lab

Penetration Testing & Cybersecurity Audits to strengthen systems and networks


Safeguard the integrity of your products. CCX Technologies offers a range of cybersecurity verification and testing services for equipment and systems, including Penetration Testing, Cybersecurity Audits and Software Vulnerability Assessments. Performed in our world-class Cybersecurity Evaluation Lab, tests can be ongoing or one-time.

Penetration Testing & Software Vulnerability Assessments
Bring your equipment to our Evaluation Lab and we’ll evaluate and assess its vulnerabilities. You’ll receive a comprehensive report about vulnerabilities and potential fixes. Penetration testing can be performed over longer periods of time, or as a single instance. Continuous system testing is ideal for assessing cybersecurity vulnerabilities in advance of new software releases, which are evaluated right on the supplied test equipment. We’ll take your shipset, install it in our Evaluation Lab and assess over time for potential vulnerabilities arising from the new software, while considering new and emerging threat vectors. Testing and reporting is customized to fit your equipment’s intended functionality and networking application.

Cybersecurity Audit
We can help discover vulnerabilities in your equipment’s software, both current load new releases. Send us your component. We’ll perform a cybersecurity audit, and return the equipment along with your comprehensive report. We can also perform cybersecurity and network audits onboard air, land and sea vehicles–reporting on the robustness of the network and its equipment.

Whether you choose extended Penetration Testing or a Cybersecurity Audit, your equipment is tested both in isolation and as a part of a representative network. In addition, we can provide secure access to approved third-parties upon request.

Contact us to have your systems and software assessed: [email protected]

Key Features

+ Test equipment and software in a secure facility
+ Stay on top of evolving attack vectors
+ Catch vulnerabilities before the system and / or software is released
+ Comprehensive reporting
+ Ongoing assessments

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