Cyber security focused appliance and router

The AP-250 is an integral part of our Onboard Cybersecurity solution. It is a cyber security focused appliance and router that actively monitors the aircraft’s onboard network to detect and prevent intrusions for the cabin. Working with an Avionics DataPHY, it also monitors flight deck avionics data for potential anomalies and cyber threats.


Monitors and detects threats onboard the aircraft providing actionable insights into what’s happening on the networks.


Configured to be the primary router or an inline appliance to support all security needs.


Features the latest encryption, Wi-Fi, and LTE capabilities, enhancing the passenger and crew experience.

technical support

All levels of technical support will be available through an LTE connection, saving travel and maintenance time.

Two configurations to support your security needs

Cyber security focused inline appliance

Install the AP-250 in-line with your current networking devices to increase your cyber security posture while continuing to use your current router and over-the-top services from your service provider.

Best for:

Flight departments that already have preferred routers installed onboard their aircraft but want a more robust cyber security solution

Cyber security focused router

Experience enhanced Wi-Fi performance with higher throughput, lower power consumption, and better Wi-Fi coverage for more users in the cabin.

Provides end-to-end encryption regardless of connection type including SATCOM, ATG, Wi-Fi, and LTE.

Best for:

Flight departments that prioritize data security and Wi-Fi performance versus other over-the-top services


✔ Threat monitoring

✔ End-to-end encryption

✔ Secure data routing

✔ Dual advanced firewalls

✔ Secure Boot and encrypted data at rest

✔ Advanced intrusion prevention system

✔ Supports CCX cyber security services

AP-250 cyber security focused appliance and router

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