Avionics DataPHY

Cyber security focused device for the flight deck

Our avionics intrusion detection system monitors various databuses through custom rulesets and algorithms for potential system threats. As a part of our Onboard Cybersecurity solution, an Avionics DataPHY uses an encrypted link to pass avionics data to the AP-250 for monitoring, generating alerts, and taking pre-defined action if threats are detected such as GPS or ADS-B spoofing.

Small and lightweight

The footprint is similar to a credit
card and can fit inside a standard coffee cup.

Databus types


Situational awareness

Increases visibility into potential anomalies and security threats for onboard avionics networks.


✔ Various installation location options

✔ Integrated Wi-Fi facilitates simple installation

✔ Enables secure data transmission over Wi-Fi or Ethernet

✔ AP-250 required for threat monitoring

✔ Supports CCX cyber security services

AP-550 Measurements-02

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