AP-250 Inline Cyber Security Appliance Development Kit

AP-250 Inline Cyber Security Appliance Development Kit

Air, land or sea. Build and deliver mission-tailored, end-to-end cyber security solutions with the AP-250 Development Kit (the Kit). It is designed to streamline the development process to monitor and protect the onboard networks of military vehicles anywhere on the globe.

+     Use CCX Technologies’ Standard and Customized Rulesets.
+     Build new ones with SystemX™ Cyber Defence and Security Platform.
+     Test and optimize end-to-end solutions for your mission specific environment.


The Kit comes with what you need to reinforce the onboard network cyber security posture of vehicles engaged in air, land or sea missions, to protect critical data from unauthorized access and disruption:


+    2x AP-250 Inline Cyber Security Appliances (AP-250)
+    3, 6, 12-month bundle of access to SystemX™ Server through a VM (Virtual Machine) or CCX Cloud Services
+    Encrypted access to remote APIs (Application Programming Interface) to configure and control the AP-250 devices
+    A set of keys providing API
+    SSH (Secure Shell) access to the system
+    A cable package
+    CCX Technologies’ SystemX Software suite with:
      +    Integrated industry-standard SNORT and Zeek (formerly Bro) network monitoring and analysis frameworks
      +    Integrated programmable log monitoring system
      +    Standard and customized IDS (Intrusion Detection System) rulesets
      +    Vulnerability network scanner
      +    Connection statistics
      +    IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
      +    Advanced Firewall
      +    Policy Based routing rules
      +    Packet capture and view
+    Standard ruleset updates
+    Technical support for device configuration


How it works

The Kit fits directly into your development environment.

The AP-250 is small all and powerful, installed in-line to monitor and protect the onboard network.

The SystemX Software Platform features recognized industry standard capabilities, which means that your team can implement our rulesets and also create your own. In addition to onboard ethernet traffic, SystemX software will support ARINC 429/717, CAN Bus, and MIL-STD-1553.

Test, evaluate and design your cyber security system and adjust for your specific application, mission or product.

Off-the-shelf solutions available too, with CCX Technologies’ Ruleset development services

Learn more and protect your vehicle’s onboard network:

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